Code of Practice

This Code of Practice informs our clients about our services and how Child Care Services Training as a Training Organisation meets our obligations under the registration standards.
The Code of Practice provides the basis for good practices in marketing and advertising, engaging Industry, the quality of training & assessment, meeting individual needs of learners and maximising their outcomes.
Child Care Services Training marketing and advertising to prospective clients is both ethical & accurate.

  • Prior to enrolment Child Care Services Training will inform you of all costs and charges that you will incur throughout your course.
  • Child Care Services Training has a clear and fair Refund Policy a copy of which is given and explained to each client prior to enrolment. In the unlikely event that we are unable to fulfil our obligations Child Care Services Training has measures in place to ensure our clients are not disadvantaged.
  • Child Care Services Training ensures that clients’ academic, financial and other records maintained by us are complete and accurate and are kept confidential unless authorised by the client or under law. The client may view their records upon request.
  • Child Care Services Training is committed to the principles of access and equity in the delivery of our services. We place obligations on our staff and students that are designed to protect their health, safety and welfare, and ensure as far as possible that learning experiences are positive and free of discrimination or harassment.
  • Child Care Services Training’s policies and procedures ensure that clients are treated fairly and receive all reasonable assistance to successfully complete their course once enrolled.
  • Child Care Services Training has a clear and fair Complaints Policy and Procedure. We will deal fairly and constructively with any concerns and complaints about our services.
  • Child Care Services Training engages with industry to evaluate our training and assessment strategies and ensure they are relevant to industry needs. Where training and assessment occurs in a workplace, evidence of the clients’ performance will contribute to our assessment.
  • Child Care Services Training staff are highly qualified and are provided with professional development opportunities. Child Care Services Training is part of an organisation that operates child care services therefore our staff maintain their currency in the industry through constant face to face interaction with these and other industry services.
  • Child Care Services Training is committed to continuous improvement; therefore we will seek feedback from our clients and industry about the services they have received from us.
  • Child Care Services Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 40201) authorised under legislation to offer nationally recognised training. We comply with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements as a Registered Training Organisation.
  • Child Care Services Training recognises that the client may hold current skills and knowledge that are relevant to their course outcomes. We are committed to assisting our clients to gain recognition for these skills and knowledge through a formal Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process, which will be discussed with the client on enrolment.
  • Child Care Services Training will recognise and credit relevant units of competencies that a client may have completed with another RTO.
  • Child Care Services Training offer learning and assessment services that as far as possible meet individual client needs and provide a range of learning and assessment resources.

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